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Happy Monday, Hornets!  Hope you are all staying warm, wherever you are....for the record, it is a balmy negative ten in good ol' Manlius right now. terrible weather for heading down to Sno-Top, but on the upside, it's perfect weather for curling up and catching up on some of your ol' classmates! Today's Hornet of the Day is yet another impressive specimen of Hornet Pride.  Eagle Scout, Notre Dame grad, Naval Officer, guys, he even remembers that there was a student paper.  Read for yourself, Hornets, because here we have Today's Hornet of the Day, Mr. Tom Resig!

Name:   Thomas Andrew Resig (Tom)

FM Class of: 1996

Marital Status? Kids?: Married (wife’s name is Katie) with a son, Mark (10), and a daughter, Regan (almost 9).

Where do you call home today? A small town called LeClaire, Iowa. Right where Interstate 80 crosses the Mississippi River.

KB: Tom, thank you so much for doing this! I am a huge Resig family fan, your brother Jim and his wife Becca are awesome, of course as is your Mom. So happy to have Resig representation, seeing as four of you went through the system.

TR: No problem.  My parents did as well, for the record. Class of 1972.

KB: I love it! Okay, so let’s get started. What was your FM school experience, ie: Elementary, Middle, to High? Lots of changes over the years at FM, as you know! 

TR: Grade school at Immaculate Conception School in Fayetteville, then Wellwood for 7-8, and FMHS for 9-12.

KB: Question two: inquiring minds want to know, WHICH Student Newspaper was your, ahem, genre? The Buzz, The Sting or The Hornet’s nest?  

TR: I’m reasonably sure it was The Sting.

KB: At least you are reasonably sure there was a paper.  That seems to be a common theme here.

TR: Definetly a paper.  Almost definite it was The Sting.

KB: Okay, that will do. So, what have you been up to since high school?  

TR: College at Notre Dame, where I was in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program. Graduated in 2000, then served almost 12 years in our Navy’s Submarine Force (8 homes, 4 schools, 2 submarines, and shore duty assignments in Ottawa, Canada and Omaha, NE).  I got out of the Navy in March 2012 and have worked as an Operations Training Instructor at a commercial nuclear power plant near the Quad Cities of IA/IL ever since.  In Operations Training, we are responsible for training the operators how to operate the plant.

KB: Wow! You Resig boys sure don’t mess around.  That all sounds really impressive.  Including the Notre Dame bit, I went there a few years ago for a football game.  What a gorgeous campus!

TR: It was.  It still is, actually.

KB: Touche.  Okay, next q: what’s the craziest FM connection you have ever had since graduation?  For example, have you ever run into someone randomly wearing and FM shirt, or perhaps met a fellow Hornet on a yacht off the coast of St. Barts?  Do tell.  

TR: The “craziest connection” I can think of is going to the Carrier Dome for the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 games last March with my wife, brothers, and sisters-in-law and running into Ben Gnacik (current FMHS teacher and husband of my sister’s best friend from FMHS).

KB: Who was your favorite teacher from FM, and why?  

TR: Mr. Kenneally (chemistry). As a sophomore, he was one of my first teachers that treated his students as young adults, and not just big kids.  Also, he was pretty into lacrosse (a coach, I believe) and he did me the honor of submitting a letter of recommendation on my behalf to be submitted with my Eagle Scout application.

KB: What is your favorite memory you have from high school (we know you guys are super crazy about your school, so feel free to list a bunch)?

TR: Most of my favorite memories revolve around singing (Choir class, Chorale, Swing 16) or backstage work for fall plays, spring musicals, and Showboat. Concerts at FMHS singing Invictus, Make Our Garden Grow, Carol of the Bells, Vivaldi’s Mass, On Bended Knee, and (the most impressive performance I was ever part of) Battle Hymn of the Republic (8-part harmony, accompanied by the FMHS Chamber Orchestra AND Wind Ensemble).  Trips to Orlando (singing at Epcot) and Washington, D.C. (seeing The Fantasticks and Les Miserables and singing at the University of Maryland).  Being part of the Backstage Crew for The Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, Anything Goes, Up the Down Staircase, and West Side Story, and being Stage Manager for Showboat ’95, My Sister Eileen, Crazy For You (with 21 crew members!), and Showboat ’96.  Painting my name up in the flyspace backstage with Fuzzy, Nicki, Em, and Tim-O before the renovation of the late-90’s.

KB: Notre Dame. Military.  Eagle Scout.  Singing all over the world.  You’re a pretty impressive guy, Tom.

TR: Well thank you, Karyn.

KB: You’re welcome. What was your favorite FM tradition from your days in high school? Is that tradition still around?  

TR: I liked singing the Alma Mater at the end of each pep rally. It wasn’t very often that you had the entire student body singing together, and I thought it was pretty cool.  I don’t know if that still happens, but I sure hope so!

KB: I think it does, or at least it should.  Everyone keeps mentioning it.  Okay, next q: What is your favorite letter from the ABC’s of Fayetteville-Manlius, and why?  

TR: I’m going to have to go with “O for Oak Tree.” Oak trees are awesome for shade in the spring and summer, oak is my favorite wood for carpentry because of the distinctive grain patterns, and the silhouette of the oak tree just reminds me of home.  I almost said “I for Ice Cream, but as much as I like Sno-Top, I’m more of a Friendly’s guy.  I grew up two blocks from Friendly’s and was crushed when I learned that it was closing.

KB: Umm….them's fightin' words. Plus, you do realize there are like, a million Friendly’s that are still open, right?

TR: I do.  I just liked the one near where I grew up.

KB: Sorry buddy. It’s a Dunkin Donuts now.

TR: I heard. You can’t win them all.

KB: Well, we still have Sno-Top!

TR: That is true.  We still do.

KB: Truth. Okay, do you remember what your response was to the OakLeaves yearbook question of “In Ten Years From Now...” 

TR: I’ll be honest, I had to look it up. “Out of the Navy, working in a decent science-related job, with a family.”  I was a little surprised to see that it wasn’t one of the questions in the yearbook with the senior pictures.  I was a little more surprised to find it in the Senior Issue of The Sting, and even more surprised that I still have my copy of the Senior Issue of The Sting.

KB: Well? Did it happen? 

TR: Well, it actually took 16 years to meet the “Out of the Navy” part, but yeah, it happened. Hooray for sufficiently vague predictions!!

KB: Okay, so let’s try it again: In ten years from now…. 

TR: The kids will be in college and maybe the job will provide some opportunities to move closer to home (or at least into the eastern time zone!).

KB: Last question, if you could say one thing that only a Hornet would get, what would it be (even for a select few is fine, we love inside Hornet jokes!)

TR: I can’t think of anything generic to all Hornets, but I guarantee that non-Hornets have no idea what I’m talking about if I mention the Dragon Posse, the Fuzzy Water Buffalo, or Gaffer Man.

KB: I can confirm that, as a Non Hornet, I do not understand that, but it sounds funny.  Care to share?

TR: It’s a Hornet thing, Karyn.  You wouldn’t understand.

(Editor's note:  KB gets the feeling Tom just responded, and leaned back in his chair looking at me, a non-Hornet, like this:)

KB: Fine. Well played, Resig.  Anything else you would like to add? We love great stories of the times, anything you feel like sharing! 

TR: I consider myself pretty fortunate to have gone through a school system that ranks so highly academically AND has such strong programs in athletics and the fine arts. It was also pretty interesting to grow up in the same school as both of my parents’ families and to have teachers that remembered my parents, aunts, and uncles.

KB: Perfect pic of a perfect Hornet family! Thanks again, Tom! In the meantime, reminisce yourself about the good ol' Hornet days with our full line of ABC's of Fayetteville-Manlius products, available www.karynburns.com, with proceeds benefiting good ol' Enders Road Elementary School HSA!

Till next time, Hornets (ps, check back this week for a FULL wekk of Hornet of the Days!)

 xo, K. 

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