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    Who is the FINAL Hornet(s) of the Day?

    Sadly, Hornets, the day has come:  it’s the end of our rocking fundraiser, and with that, the end of our Hornet of the Day Series.  The good news?  We have a bunch on standby, so stay tuned till next year, because we will be “bee” back (see what I did there?  I am so in this now). My last HOTD s... View Post
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    Who Is the Hornet of the Day?

    One more week of Hornet of the Day folks (well until our next fundraiser of course!) Today’s HOTD is one that I simply put, I just really like a lot. I met Trish Gallen a few years back when I was going through some really tough times, and my friend Maria thought some exercise would be good for ... View Post
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    Who is the Hornet of the Day?

    Hello, Upper East Siders (insert me, channeling my Gossip Girl voice). Which, although normally would be silly of me, for today’s Hornet of the Day, is not only awesome, but RELEVANT. Why?  Because today’s Hornet of the Day works with HOLLYWOOD, people! What was even cooler about this Hornet of ... View Post

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